Sanskaram Magazine

Sanskaram is a monthly family magazine for promoting social values and Indian Culture among the society and inspire family members in developing Harmony, Amity and Co-operation among family members and to develop the social value system, consistency, peacefulness, harmony, tolerance and holistic environment in the society. The inspiring articles on promoting family values, relationship, personality development, culture, health, human values, conduct & behavior etc. are being published regularly in the magazine.
Topics of this magazine

 Personality & Character Development
 Conduct & Behaviour
 Inculcation of Human Values & Qualities
 Art of Living
 Spirituality, Philosophy, Science and Dharm
 Yoga, Pranayam and Exercise
 Inner and Outer Health and Happiness
 Family Environment & Atmosphere
 Parenting and Child development
 Motivating personalities
 Inspiring incidents/stories

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